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Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as Panasonic Thailand Country Headquarter provides common platform services for 21 Panasonic companies in Thailand in both sales and manufacturing line of business that have been in the kingdom for almost 50 years. The global brand "Panasonic" indicates that we are one of the world largest manufacturers and distributors of Electrical & IT products driving the world. Now we are opening career opportunities in many challenging areas and eagerly awaiting any qualified and energetic candidates who have strong intention to join and share experience in the electronic industry. Our professional teams as below companies wait for you to be our part.

Company's profile: http://www.panasonic.com/th/corporate/profile.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PanasonicTHcareer

ตำแหน่งงาน : Safety Officer (จป.วิชาชีพ) (PMFTH Navanakorn)
- To analyze jobs to indicate possible dangers including setting and present preventive measures and procedures for working safety to the employer
- To assess the risk in the area of occupational safety
- To inspect and asses the operation of the workplace to comply with the work plan and project or occupational safety measures to the employer

จังหวัด ปทุมธานี

อัตราที่รับ 1 อัตรา

เงินเดือน ตามโครงสร้างบริษัท บาท

1. Male only, age 22-23 years old
2. Bachelor's degree in Occupational Health and Safety
3. New graduates are welcome
4. At least 1 year experience in Safety
5. Already passed the test of Hazardous substance controller from Hazard Substance Control Bureau
6. Good command of English and Computer literacy

Thailand Recruitment Center

We are offering competitive salary package with other welfare and fringe benefit, dramatic career path, overseas training and international professional working environment. We are waiting for you to be our part.

- Apply through E-mail

Please send your application in English only!!

Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

5th & 8th Fl. Q House Ploenjit Building, 598 Ploenchit Road แขวงลุมพินี เขตปทุมวัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330
Tel: 02-649-0888 ext. 771, 770 Fax: 02-651-5599
WebSite: www.facebook.com/PanasonicTHcareer


ตำแหน่งงานอื่นๆของ " Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd."
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > QA Supervisor/Asst.Supervisor (PECTH - Samrong Samutprakarn)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Senior Sales Engineer (PAPRDTH Navanakorn)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Die/Mold Supervisor/Market Quality Asst. Supervisor – PESESTH (Bangbor Samutprakarn)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Personnel Asst. Supervisor - PIDTH (Bangbor Samutprakarn)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Accounting Officer/Supervisor (PMFTH KhonKaen)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Accounting Asst.Supervisor - Bangbor/Bangyaprak Samutprakarn
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Cost & ISO Asst.Supervisor - PESESTH (Bangbor - Samutprakarn)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Environmental Officer (Male Only) - PAPCTH Suwinawong Chachoengsaot
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Industrial Engineer (PAPCTH - Suwinthawong Chachoengsao)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Sale Supervisor/ Sale Engineer (Samutprakarn Bangbor)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Stamping Engineer (PMFTH KhonKaen)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Process Engineer (PIDTH - Bangbor)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Production Supervisor - (Samutprakarn)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Safety Officer (PTHC - Bang-bor)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Assistant Accounting Manager (PAPCTH Chachoengsao)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > IT Technician / IT Support Staff (PAPCTH Chachoengsao)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > Purchasing Staff (Samutprakarn_Bangbor)
Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. > QC Engineer (Bangbor Samutprakarn)

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